Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Valve Extension 45 mm

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Externally threaded, for tubeless applications
It functions on any RVC Presta valve
High constructive quality
Tubeless-specific but perfect on any Presta valve
Caffélatex Valve Extension is externally threaded, so that it’s possible to secure the valve to the rim and achieve air-tightness in tubeless applications. The ability of these extensions to be tightened is a plus in general, making them stable and silent also in non-tubeless applications. They can be used with any RVC (replaceable valve core) Presta valve.

High constructive quality
With a nickel-plated brass body, Caffélatex Valve Extension is produced with extremely tight tolerances, to guarantee perfect, leak-free functioning.

Available sizes:
45 mm total length (35 mm once threaded into the valve);
35 mm total length (25 mm once threaded into the valve).
Both work perfectly with our 40 mm or 70 mm Caffélatex Tubeless Valves.

Made in Italy.