MorganBlue Aquaproof paste 200cc

Πάστα συναρμολόγησης 200ml
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AQUAPROOF PASTE is an improved paste, fortified with synthetic additives to reduce friction. This grease combines constant properties within a wide range of temperatures. APPLICATION AQUAPROOF PASTE is especially developed for the lubrication & assembly of the seat tube, the bracket, screws and headset. It can also be used as an assembly-grease. Ideal for use on forks. Prevents oxidation of metal parts. Ideal to make those parts waterproof on which rubbers fail.

Morgan Blue makes sure you and your bike are totally ready for a perfect ride in any weather condition. From now on gear changes are seamless and the blood flow in your legs is perfect.

Who is Morgan Blue? In 1994 Morgan Blue came to life. Mechanic's at the Lotto team, asked Morgan Oil's to produce an oil for the bike in 1994. Morgan Oil's responded to the request and made several types of oil. After extensive testing of these samples, they were fine-tuned. Next stage, Morgan Oils developed a chain cleaner. By adding certain additives, the degreaser turned into blue. A lot of people talked about 'Morgan Blue', which became the new company name. In Belgium Morgan Blue was launched with an oil, a degreaser and a grease. Throughout the years, the range of maintenance products for the bike extended and in 2005 even massage products were added, in order to offer a complete package to the bike industry. Now Morgan Blue presents 38 maintenance and 16 massage products. From year to year Morgan Blue is used by more and more professional cycling teams. Today more than 80% of the chains and 40% of the legs in the World Tour peloton use Morgan Blue oil on it. This collaboration is not only a transfer of products towards the teams. There exists an interaction thanks to the close cooperation with mechanics, soigneurs and the riders themselves. This feedback from the professional cycling environment is used to improve the products continuously as now the company is represented all over the world.

Morgan Blue stands for good quality products for the bike, as well as for the rider. The fact that more than 20 professional teams rely on the products of Morgan Blue says it all. The company works very intensely with the mechanics and soigneurs of the best teams in the world to keep improving the products. Morgan Blue banned Teflon from their cycling products and came up with better mixable and more modern additives to their oil. Besides their wide range of bike cleaners and lubrication, Morgan Blue also focuses on massage products. The reason why the brand is so popular is for their use of natural ingredients in their massage oils which avoids skin irritations.

  • Lubricating properties.
  • High adhesion.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • Constant viscosity within a wide range of temperatures: does not solidify in cold conditions and does not liquefy in hot conditions.
  • High anti-wear qualities, even under high pressure and in the presence of water.