MorganBlue Chain Cleaner 5000cc

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Top Features of the Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner - 5000cc Bottle
  • Regular application prevents the deterioration of the chain and the drivetrain system. This ensures higher performance, smoother shifts and longer drivetrain life
  • The active components induce a quick and profound cleaning
  • Rubber and plastic safe
Apply the Chain Cleaner on the chain, the front and rear derailleurs. Let the cleaner soak in for about 5 minutes then rinse off with soapy water. Rub with a dry cloth then re-lubricate the chain and drivetrain parts.

Warning: Do not use on bearings and do not use Chain Cleaner on the frame & fork in extreme sun. 

Morgan Blue has the most complete range of maintenance products, including a complete massage line, which many of the continental Pro Teams use.