Rotor Bottom Bracket ITA30 70mm steel

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You think that your bike's performance features could be enhanced with components selected á la carte at your local bike shop — and that you should be able to accomplish this despite the spawn of deviant bottom bracket "standards" that have created component compatibility issues. Conventional threaded bottom brackets like your Italian-threaded BB shell shouldn't foil plans to upgrade your ride. ROTOR conceived its Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) concept to eliminate the complicated bottom bracket/crank compatibility challenge that has increasingly frustrated the mechanics at your LBS. The ITA 30 is the "yes" component to "Is this compatible with my Italian-threaded BB shell for a 30mm axle?"


ITA30 70mm ceramic red - 82g

ITA30 70mm steel black - 87g


  • Designed to work with ITA threaded bottom brackets and 30mm axle ROTOR cranksets
  • 100% CNC-machined, 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Silicone seals