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The Fibreflare Micro Flare Duo Front Light is the little brother of the acclaimed Fibre Flare. In fact, the micro Flare is a Fibre Flare, just a little shorter in length, a little more robust and uses the same trusty silicone ladder slings as its big brother. The primary difference apart from being shorter in length and lighter in weight, is that the Micro Flare is powered using CR2032 lithium coin cells instead of AAA's. Micro Flare is also the most water resistant Fibre Flare yet.

This is the first white Fibre Flare ever made and is a regulatory front light. It is designed to be seen at all angles 180 degrees + when mounted on the front of the bike. It fits on forks, handlebars, stems and more. Although it is designed to be 'seen' it also has the ability to cast light; allowing it to be used as a handy torch (cupped in your palm) .